What is Noble Ant?

Noble Ant is a business accelerator focused on providing support for blockchain-based projects.

Who is the team behind Noble Ant?

Our team consists of top experts in Silicon Valley. Our strong backgrounds in blockchain/crypto, business development, marketing, operations, and legal fields make us highly qualified at filtering through the applicants.

What is special about Noble Ant?

Noble Ant expects to be the biggest accelerator with a primary focus on blockchain-based projects. The accelerator will provide its applicants with additional funding, programs, connections, and help with exit strategies.

All contributors investing in Noble Ant tokens (NANT) will be able to exchange them for services offered by Noble Ant (they will have first-mover advantage to invest in the most prosperous startups working with Noble Ant).

Where does the name Noble Ant come from?

The name Noble Ant comes from the vision of ants forming a chain.

What is the total token supply?

The total supply of NANT is 1B tokens.

What is the price of 1 Noble Ant token (NANT)?

Price of 1 Noble Ant token (NANT) during pre-sale and during each round will be TBD based on the following: The token price will be determined by the total investments including the additional incentives during the pre-sale/round, divided by the total number of tokens offered during the pre-sale/round.

How will the Pre-Sale reward first-comers and the most active contributors?

We developed several levels of rewards in our Pre-Sale to benefit first-comers and the most active contributors.

During the pre-sale stage, we are going to distribute about 100,000,080 Noble Ant tokens. This number of pre-sale tokens is 45 times the amount of NANT that will be offered during each round of the Main Crowdsale.

The price of 1 Noble Ant token for the pre-sale will depend on the total of all contributions, after including pre-sale referrals and bonuses.

Here is how it’s going to work. After the pre-sale, the smart contract will take the total of all contributions after including referrals and bonuses, and divide it by 100,000,080 NANT (the number of NANT distributed during the pre-sale).

After determining the price of 1 Noble Ant token, the smart contract will calculate the amount of tokens each contributor will get. All of the tokens will be distributed between the participants.

Now, the biggest part of the Noble Ant Pre-Sale is the referral program. Each contributor will be able to get his/her unique referral link to share. If your friend uses your referral link and contributes, he/she will gain an additional 50% of the money he/she contributed in the form of NANT. In addition, you will get 50% of what your friend contributed in the form of NANT, as a reward for your marketing activities.

In addition to the referral program, the first 10% of contributions will receive 10% bonus.

The following 5% of contributions will receive 5% bonus.

Noble Ant Pre-sale is designed to benefit the most active and diligent first adopters.

Why will the ICO last for almost one year?

The purpose of the ICO lasting for almost one year is to ensure the long-term success of the project funding.

When will the ICO/Main Crowdsale take place?

The ICO/Main Crowdsale will start on September 18, 2018 at 12:00 AM PST and end on September 12, 2019 at 11:00 PM PST. It will have 360 rounds.

What protects me from losing money?

If we do not raise enough money during the pre-sale, we will return all of the investments.

How can I know that you are legitimate and that the ICO will be successful?

Our team consists of top experts in Silicon Valley. Our strong backgrounds in blockchain/crypto, business development, marketing, operations, and legal fields make us highly qualified for filtering through the applicants.

Why should I purchase NANT tokens at pre-sale?

1) During pre-sale, we offer 45 times the amount of tokens issued during each round of the main crowdsale so that the pre-sale participants can split more tokens between each other.

2) The referral program, which will give you a chance to make 50% more money from your friend’s referral link, will only be available for the pre-sale.

3) The first 10% of contributions will receive 10% bonus. The following 5% of contributions will receive 5% bonus.

If I am a U.S. citizen, can I participate in the ICO?

If you are a U.S. citizen, unfortunately, you cannot participate in the ICO.

How does Noble Ant ensure successful acceleration of its startups?

To ensure successful acceleration, we develop a customized program for each startup and connect our startups with top mentors.

What is Demo Day?

In addition to its custom programs, legal support, infrastructure, and publicity, Noble Ant will offer “Demo Days” to its startups. The Noble Ant token (NANT) holders can use their tokens to gain “Demo Day” access to view Noble Ant accelerator graduates that have high chances to succeed.

Every Noble Ant token (NANT) holder can exercise his/her NANT to obtain a virtual seat during Demo Day.

Each blockchain startup selected for Demo Day will pitch on Demo Day during the minutes allocated to that startup. At the end of their pitch, each startup will offer a proposal. You, as the token holder who exercised your NANT token for a virtual seat, can watch from your own computer at home and participate in the process directly with that startup. As a NANT is to be used for the purposes of Demo Day seat participation, following the startup’s pitch, you can contact and partner with the startup directly. Noble Ant will not involved in your direct partnership.

This is limited to the participants who have purchased the Noble Ant token (NANT). The NANT guarantees you a Demo Day seat so that you can access Demo Day to the startups that took part in the accelerator program.

What blockchain infrastructure is NANT based on (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)?

NANT is based on Ethereum ERC20.

Will there be mining?

No, Noble Ant token (NANT) is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain.

Is Noble Ant a security token?

We are of the opinion that Noble Ant is not a security token.

What if my Noble Ant token is stolen or I lost my key?

If your Noble Ant token is stolen, or if you accidentally lost the key, your token is effectively burned.